About the Webmistress

Hi! I'm Sadness.

I have two spicy kitty cats.

You can email me or find me on Discord at sadness#1337.

About me

I'm approaching my thirties, but I started using the internet at seven.

A combination of suburban sprawl and overprotective parents led to me being online all of the time throughout my adolescence.

Then I grew up, moved out, got a job and found myself too bound by economic restraints and time to build a social foundation.

It was, and still is, my (and many other people's) gateway to the outer world.

Even as a child, I realized what a powerful gift the internet was. It led to an associated interest in computers and tech.

It was more of a hobby for me than anything else. My math skills are terrible. In college, I majored in English (!) which left me sorely underqualified for any tech-related jobs.

Although I love building websites, I do not come from a professional 'tech' background. I'm still on my learning path. But especially because I don't come from tech, I want to give special attention to people who were just like me - enamored by the idea of a website - while lacking the technical ability to make one.

That's why I started this website, and the Yesterweb.

♥ ♥ ♥

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