I'm into my thirties, but I started using the internet when I was seven.

We were too poor for a computer, but we had WebTV for a while. I loved spending time anywhere that had a computer for me to use.

I got my own PC - connected to the world wide web - when I was 15, A combination of suburban sprawl and overprotective parents led to me being online much more than someone under different circumstances might.

Then I grew up, moved out, got a job and found myself too bound by economic restraints and time to build social connections with others.

The internet was, and still is, my (and many other people's) primary gateway to the outer world.

Tech is more of a creative hobby for me than anything else. My math skills are terrible. In college, I majored in English (!) which leaves me sorely underqualified for any tech-related jobs.

Although I love building websites, I don't come from a professional 'tech' background. Especially because I don't come from tech, I want to give special attention to people who were just like me - enamored by the idea of a website - while lacking the technical ability to make one.

That's why I started this website, and the Yesterweb.

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