this is a collection of highlights from terrible fanfictions i wrote when i was a preteen.

Here's a lil table of contents (click to jump!):
"Within Yourself" [Lizzie McGuire]
The Teen Titans Fic Zone
The Yu-Gi-Oh! Fic Zone

"Within Yourself" [Lizzie McGuire]

Summary: Lizzie McGuire is plagued with mysterious nightmares. She is also madly in love with Gordo but her love is unrequited... so she ventures into the woods and meets [my OC] "Keira" who is "a female with long black hair and glowing sapphire blue eyes…wearing a black hoodie, and black jeans" next to a waterfall. After meeting "Keira", Lizzie loses touch with her current friends and starts to skip school. I have no idea what happens next, but I like to think I was planning on having my goth OC steal away Lizzie McGuire for herself (although tbh, Miranda was always my fave).

[Teenage angst incoming...] Lizzie felt such a level of hurt and pain; she decided that she needed to do something. She needed to rebel. No matter what it took, she could not listen to her mom or dad any longer. She was sixteen enough for freedom, and she'd make sure of it. She needed to do something. She needed to rebel. No matter what it took, she couldn’t listen to her mom or dad any longer. She was sick and tired of being a caged bird; a mere dog on a leash. She was destined for freedom, and that's what she would get.
[What are words?] She sat at her kitchen table and took a bite out of an apple that lay inapt on the table.
[Apparently my OC can draw] The pictures Keira drew were obviously anime. One was of a girl with black hair, kind of kneeling on a rock. It looked just like Keira in anime-form only, the person had beautiful dark purple wings with fishnets draping down from them.

"Wow, you are really talented," Lizzie repeated, as she looked further into the book.

"Thanks, not many people care to look at them."

On one page, was a picture of an anime-figure with blonde hair that was up in a pony-tail wearing a black hoodie and blue jeans. It was exactly how Lizzie looked the night she snuck out. "Is this me?"

The Teen Titans Fic Zone

I wrote a lot of Teen Titans fanfiction, most notably the "the Teen Titans accept me into their lives and Robin falls in love with my 11-year-old OC" one. My OC was an alien from the planet "Saphira". Her name was Autumn (real name: Cariette (???)) and she could control the weather. Oh and she was, uh... secretly a childhood classmate of Robin..?

[My OC's tragic origin story] One day in second grade, she began to grow feelers. They began as two little stubs on the top of her head. The kids made fun of her, and of course it hurt. She didn't know any better, so she went down to the school nurse. The nurse checked her out, and was appalled at what she found. She set up meetings to have Carietta tested, and once her parents were notified, Carietta had to leave school...forever. And go under the name Autumn. She is called Autumn because her powers are so similar to the season.
[11 y/o me's ideas of flirting]

“Fancy seeing you here, Robin,” Autumn said. “Mind if I join you?”

“Not at all,” he said with a grin.

“So what brings you here on such a nice day? Shouldn’t you be out saving the world?” she asked.

“Only when I need to,” he replied after taking a bite of pizza. “Want a piece? I have an extra.”

“Sure,” she said, taking the piece as Robin handed to her. “Ooh, pepperoni, my favourite.”

“It’s my favourite too,” he said.

“What a coincidence,” she replied.

My first ever 'published' TT fanfic was called "Diary of the Titans". It followed a structure where each chapter was a page in each character's diary/blog and it rotated through the characters and then had a 'narrator view' chapter moving the story along. This fic was bad - I know I can be hard on myself but it was objectively terrible. It was also my longest fic at 34 chapters. Despite its questionable quality, I got tons of favorites and reviews on the story. I loved the idea that others were enjoying my stories, but like everything else in my life, I kinda abandoned it after a while. But it lit a fire in me, at least for a while. I NEEDED FEEEEDBACK. I thrived on reviews.


I thought it would be fun if I assigned superlative awards for various fics ;)

Cringiest Fic Title: Oh I know this one. It's Sugar Coated Shards of a Broken Reflection, a fic about Beast Boy getting trapped in Raven's mind with her emotions.

Cringiest Plot: "Win a Week with the Titans", my self-insert where my bff and I win tickets to spend a week at Titans Tower.

The Yu-Gi-Oh Zone

Of all my fandoms, I wrote the most for YGO. I wrote way too much - in my "YGO" folder from my oldest backup (age 14 or so), there are... 175 files ._.;; But they are SOOO BAD, here are some highlights:

[Okay this is technically prewriting but????:] Kaiba's crippling addiction to hard liquor leads to... cigarette use.
[Lmao...] Watch out world, here comes Katsuya Jounouchi and he has a convertible.
[Y a Honda tho...] Jounouchi pulled his brand-new Honda Civic into the driveway of his house. Yes, the house that also happened to belong to Seto Kaiba. They were in love.
[Why did I WRITE JOEY'S ACCENT THIS WAY] ”I’m new at this, okay? It’s my first time doin’ this job officially. So maybe I’m not too keen on moppin’ floors. But to put it in a way for you to undastand it, it’d be like you workin’ on a farm—or a fast food restaurant!”
[bc this is how school nurses work] “Her heart rate is going faster than average,” the nurse reported. “She’s going to be fine. I’ll have her rest in my office for the remainder of the day.”


Here we go again ;)

Cringiest Fic Title: Probably "Here Without You", inspired by Nickelback. Either that or, "Petals of the Frailest Rose".

Cringiest Chapter Title: Definitely "Bisexuals and Speeches"

Cringiest Plot: "Bishie Boot Camp" takes the cake. Yugi is falsely accused of stealing a DVD player from FYE (bare with me) and ordered to attend "boot camp" to make up for his sins. At boot camp, he is assigned a 'role model', Yami (a pyromaniac) to reform him. yAoI eNsUeS (except it didn't ensue until the end of chapter 5, when I abandoned it).

Notable Mentions

Fics based on other works:

"Shadow Guest" is basically a retelling of Misery by Stephen King.

"Sadomasochistic Night Live" is a reimagining of SNL, only run by sadomasochists.

"Yu-Gi-Oh! Macbeth" is .......... take a wild guess

Author's Notes

Remember how the more... enthusiastic fic writers would include a piece before and/or after their chapter which were author's notes... except it was written like a script between the author and all of the fic characters? Oof. It's kind of painful for me to post this, but here I go (this was after chapter 1:

Joey and Seto’s Lil Angel: It wasn’t that bad….was it?
Seto: *cough*

Joey and Seto’s Lil Angel: Oh shut up.

Seto: You asked…

Joey and Seto’s Lil Angel: Don’t make me add a chapter three to “Ways to Annoy Seto Kaiba”

Seto: *cowers in the corner*

Joey and Seto’s Lil Angel: That’s what I thought. So…are you people ready to review? *crickets* PLEASE?

Katsuya: *gives puppy dog eyes and whimpers* Please? Do it for the author?

Joey and Seto’s Lil Angel: See? Joey loves me! He loves you too! He wants you to review. Listen to Joey!!!!!

Bakura: How come I do not appear in this chapter?

Joey and Seto’s Lil Angel: Simple. There was no firey destruction and/or death. But when there is…I’ll be sure to cue you in.

Bakura: Woot!!

Joey and Seto’s Lil Angel: Press that little review button in the corner, mmmkay??

Thank you for reading about my terrible preteen fanfic :-)