About the Site
This site is my own personal space and it is decorated as such. I discovered Neocities in January of 2021, and I've felt at home ever since. I love the freedom of customizing each page to my liking, and posting whatever I like. You'll find a little bit of everything here.
Cats, the internet, helping others, learning, self-reflection, writing, reading, philosophy, politics, history, creativity, halloween, video games, mexican food, eating the rich.

Fun fact: I found love on Neocities. I met someone who kinda turned out to be my soul mate. For this, I owe Neocities everything.
You can contact me on Discord at sadness#1337 or via e-mail at sadgrl.online@gmail.com
In Loving Memory...

Myspace, the vitality that once thrived within Livejournal, Fanfiction.net and Neopets, forums and message boards, Yahoo! Games, MSN Groups, the poetry community that thrived on Xanga and Tumblr, roleplay communities everywhere, the ability to customize your profile, instant messenger font & color choices, and all of the various communities (tight-knit or otherwise) that modern social media has vanquished.