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It would be too arduous a task to list everything I like, so instead I wanna talk about stuff I've been into lately!

Something I recently got into is PC Music and hyperpop. But I especially love high energy songs with a high BPM and hard bass sound (and vocals).

I have no clue what this specific sound is called but I call it GOIN HARD. I guess it's PC Music with hardstyle and (maybe) happy hardcore influences?

I think this type of music appeals to me because it contains the type of energy I can only dream of. It also matches the BPM of my adderall-fueled thoughts.

I've noticed a comeback of extremely 90's Britney sounding songs, and I am LIVING for it! The cheesier the synths and drums, the better.

I haven't found a name by which to identify this sound so I just call it Y2K Bubblegum Pop.

I just love the cheesiness. It fuels me.