Weird Coping Mechanisms [working title]

One day I was scrolling through reddit and I saw a post on the r/ADHD subreddit called something like "My Top 5 Weirdest Coping Mechanisms". Three items on their list stood out to me especially:

  • Pretend you’re a magician in a fantasy world. Instead of dealing with anxiety, intrusive thoughts or emotional dysregulation, you can imagine them as curses/literal demons that you have to fight off using positive magic. Works pretty well because instead of blaming yourself for feeling one way or another, you can separate yourself from some of the more irrational negative thoughts, acknowledge that they’re just trying to trick you, and feel good about your attempts to fight them.

  • Have an imaginary friend, even if you’re nearly 30. I don’t really listen to myself because I know I’m a moron, but I listen to my imaginary friend because I can outsource the part of my brain that knows how to prioritise, have perspective, and be kind to me, to her. Works well in a crisis though I’ve started apologising to her for being such a burden which on reflection is a bit deranged.

  • Make yourself some placebo pills. Reading up on RSD seemed to suggest some medications could help, but I don’t really rate my chances of getting prescribed them. There’s research to show even open label placebos are effective though, so I relabelled my vitamins as guanfacine and pretended to remember being prescribed them by a doctor. I record when I take ADHD meds in an app so now I also record taking these meds as well.

These items struck me for a variety of reasons. I want to dive into them a little more deeply, which is what this 'project' will constist of. More to come soon.