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What is your favourite Alice's Adventures in Wonderland character?
I would have to say... the Cheshire cat... or Dinah :)
What info does [the question form] collect about the submitter? And if someone wanted to use it do you want an attribution with link? Nice feature :)
Thanks! As far as I know, it doesn't collect any info about the submitter, so a tool like this could definitely enable to anonymous harassment (like any anonymous submission tool). I didn't come up with this method, I only implemented it so no attribution is required!
What country are you from?
I am from & reside in the US.

Do you identify more as a mermaid or a fairy?
100% a mermaid! If I could live underwater and still breathe, I'd be there.

Why are you sad?
Because feeling things is cool 👍 but, mostly capitalism.