When you install American McGee’s Alice™, the game sets defaults for your system configuration and for the control keys you’ll use to navigate through Wonderland. Left-click Settings from the Main Menu to access these default settings.

Left-click any of the four numbered areas to expose further options for fine-tuning your system and your game play.

1. Video – From here you can adjust the way your computer displays the game. Your system has detected Screen Resolution and Color Depth. You may change those settings if you wish. You can also use the available sliders to control the following:

Brightness changes how light or dark your video appears, similar to brightness on your monitor.

Texture Detail is used to control the size of the textures being displayed in the game, smaller textures look less detailed because they have to be stretched to cover the space they fill, but the game operates faster with less detail.

These adjustments might make Alice run more efficiently on your system.

2. Audio – From here you can select a sound driver, adjust music and sound effects volume, and choose your speaker type and sound quality. Force 8-bit will uses 8-bit sampled sound instead of 16-bit sound. By doing this there is less sound data, which takes up less memory and thus helps increase the speed in which your game operates.

3. Controls – Use this menu to fine-tune your control of the Alice character and the Game environment. The Control options are detailed under PLAYING THE GAME, below. 

To change an option, left-click on it to select it, and then left-click the column to the right of that option. You’ll be prompted to Press Any Key. Press the key that you wish to designate as the control key for this game-play function.

If you have changed any control options on this menu, click the Apply button to accept and save the changes or click the Cancel button to return to the Setting Menu.

4. Game Options – Customize these options to reflect your own taste and play style.

Invert Mouse reverses the direction the camera looks when you move the mouse forward and backward.

Mouse Sensitivity adjusts the speed of your mouse movement.

Camera Distance controls the distance, in 3rd Person view, that the camera follows behind Alice.

Camera Height adjusts the height of the camera view on the screen.

Always Run lets you Run at ALL times. The default setting is run.

Subtitles toggles the text box accompanying character speech off and on.

Jump Reticle helps you judge distance, and gauge your potential to make a jump successfully. See PLAYING THE GAME, below for more about Jumping. 

Target Reticle helps you home in on your enemies. 

Console The console can be evoked allowing the player to enter advanced commands and settings into the game, and should not be used unless necessary.

Alice’s movements are controlled with a keyboard and the mouse. To see the control keys, choose 3 from the Settings Menu. On the Controls Menu move the slider and expose all the keys. The movements and their corresponding [default controls] are:

Primary Attack – Left-click [Mouse 1] to execute a weapon’s primary attack.

Alternate Attack – Right-click [Mouse 2] to execute a weapon’s alternate attack.

Move Forward – [W] moves Alice forward or advances her.

Move Backward – [S] moves her backward or retreats.

Strafe Left (step-left) – [A] key to move left while facing forward.

Strafe Right (step-right)  – [D] key to move right while facing forward.

Jump/Swim Up – [Spacebar] makes Alice jump or swim up.

Climb/Swim Down – [F] makes Alice climb or swim down.

Use Item – [Enter] opens doors, activates levers, climbs up vines, etc.

There are plenty of challenging obstacles in Wonderland and jumping is a control movement you’ll need to master. Let’s say you’re at an impasse or a crevasse, and you need to jump:

Face the area where you want to land. Move the mouse slightly forward and back. The Jump Reticle--a pair of brightly lit shoe soles (size 6)--will display to help you with your jump. Move the mouse until you feel comfortable with the landing area (for example dry land, as opposed to lava).  Press the Spacebar. Practice makes perfect.

If an area looks as though she can reach it with a jump, try it. If she falls just short, Alice will grab onto and hang from walls, ledges, bluffs and such. If an object is blocking her ascent, press the strafe keys to move Alice to a clear spot Now, don’t leave her dangling. After she grabs on, press W and Alice will pull herself up.

To let go without climbing up, press F.

Vine / Swinging
Vines and ropes are invaluable---if you know how to use them. Face the vine and then use the Jump key [Spacebar] to jump out toward the vine. Release the Jump key when she’s close to it and Alice will grab on.

Use the Move Forward [W] and Move Backward [S] keys to swing. When you feel Alice has sufficient momentum to complete a vine jump, press the Jump key [Spacebar] and Alice will release the vine. Her momentum will carry her hopefully to a safe landing.

Swimming in Alice is easy; just dive in. Once Alice is completely submerged use the Move Forward key [W] in combination with the Swim Up [Spacebar] or the Swim Down [F] to navigate underwater. A note of caution: If you hear Alice coughing while swimming, it means she’s running low on air. Alice is strong and brave, but even she needs to surface periodically.


The Cheshire Cat is a friend, although his words can sometimes be enigmatic. Press [C] when you need help. Your tattooed ally may have something useful to say.