A M E R I C A N   M C G E E ' S   A L I C E ô
G A M E P L A Y   H E L P    S U P P L E M E N T

For the truly curious, this Gameplay Help Supplement details Aliceís adjustable controls, its distinctive weapons and power-ups, and offers hints on how to get the most from them. 

M A I N    M E N U

After installation, you will be presented with the Main Menu. To begin playing, use the left mouse button to click New Game.

The next screen prompts you to select a skill level: Easy, Medium, Hard and Nightmare.

Once in the game, you can Save at any point. Press the ESC key to bring up the Main Menu. Left-click Load/Save then click on a window for a slot in which to save your game. Then, click the button marked S. Itís that simple.

To load a saved game, click the particular saved game window you wish to load, and then click L. This loads your saved game from your hard drive.

Click the D to delete the selected saved game.