Change is Possible

21 June 2021

Nowadays, it's easy to think, "this place is horrible, the world is going to shit, I don't want to be a part of it." This sentiment is not progressive; it is fixed, unchanging and absolute. It assumes that things will always be like this forever.

We forget that societal change is possible with collective effort. Instead we become discouraged by peers who are not aware of the severity of the need for change. We forget that people, under the right conditions, will one day walk the path of awareness.

Escapism is not an appropriate solution in life. Fleeing from circumstances is the same as walking into a new captivity - escape is of no use. But the solution is not pessimism. We must understand that brightness strikes out from darkness. If darkness is not overcome, there can be no light. Therefore we should remain in our surroundings and carry out to the best of our abilities our daily duty as progressives - to illuminate darkness.

This absolutism - seeing things as fixed and unchanging - makes us feel hopeless and unwilling to face reality, to work and struggle for change. Instead we dream of better places, better circumstances, which leads us to escapism. We must not forget that all things change - this is the nature of the world and its true conditions. There is no such thing as absolute darkness.

We must acknowledge that all things are relative because they are always changing. This means acknowledging that one day the circumstances of our lives will change for the better. At the same time, we must also acknowledge that darkness only exists today, and as long as we clearly see the path of the development of society and go on struggling, there will always come a time when brightness will be discovered. Darkness and light are relative to time and effort. Light does not suddenly come about, but it needs us to struggle and strive for it. It's emergence and our efforts are relative to one another.

The above is a summarized excerpt from this book.