Block advertisements

I used to think installing uBlock Origin was enough, even though it didn't always block every ad. The worst offenders that slip through of course are social media sites like Twitter.

What I realized recently is that uBlock has the capability to block those ads - but they don't include it in the base configuration (probably because it violates Twitter's rules). I had seen people online talk about writing custom scripts to block that stuff, but I didn't really feel like figuring out how to set it up. I recently discovered that someone made these scripts easy to install.

With uBlock Origin installed, click the URL below:

Under the first item 'EasyList' click add it to your ad blocker.

This will open the script in a new tab, and uBlock will prompt you to subscribe to it. Click 'Subscribe' and you're done!

Complete the process by installing the other scripts on the page. These have completely transformed my relationship with the internet. Sure, I love to hang out in ad-free spaces, but it's also necessary to explore the surface web from time to time. Hopefully this makes your experience doing so better.