Bypass paywalls

Paywalls are becoming more and more of a burden. They effectively lock knowledge behind a pay-to-read system.

Media/Newspaper Paywalls

    "Show me a 10ft paywalls, I'll show you a 12ft ladder". Adding to the beginning of any URL will allow you to read or share an article. You can also type a URL directly into their website.

    Bypass Paywalls

    This is an extension for your browser which automatically removes paywalls from popular news sites.

    Firefox: You can get this plugin from Firefox Add-Ons.

    Chrome: The official extension was removed from the Chrome Extensions store, so you'll need to download it from Github and manually install it. Keep in mind that whenever Chrome auto-updates, the extension will be gone and will need to be reinstalled.

    Like 12ft, Scribe is a proxy which serves unpaywalled content but only from the website Medium. This means you can replace "" or the custom domain of any Medium blog with "" and view the content. You can view their site here.

Academic Paywalls


    This is an extension for your browser.

    Once Unpaywall is installed, go to the article page and click the green tab that appears on the right side of the screen. This doesn't work for all scholarly articles, but it's worth a shot if you find one you're locked out of.


    SciHub contains 85 million unlocked scholarly articles, but it only works if you give it a specific URL, and that document is available in their database.