The internet has changed...

It's surprising how many people equate "the Internet" with "social media". It's like having access to 1,000,000x the Library of Alexandria every day, and only being interested in keeping up with what people are talking about in the lobby.

The internet used to be:
    a place for creative expression
    vastly customizable
    a space for people, by people
The internet has become:
    a marketplace (and we are the product)
    a one-sided social experience
    a capitalist hellscape
We, the people of the internet, have the power to transform the internet.
The goal is not to go backwards, but to forge a new path forward.

I wrote an article detailing the topic in-depth.

How you can participate

  • Learn & teach others how to surf the web.
  • Stop or reduce activity on modern social media (especially Twitter, Facebook and Instagram).
    • Convince your friends to do the same!
  • Speak out on social media about the harms of using those platforms & promote alternatives.
  • Speak out about why the structure of social media & SEO is ruining the internet.
  • Create your own space on the web.
    • Convince your friends to do the same!
  • Socialize with & collaborate with other webmasters & artists.
  • Write your own manifesto.

Most of all, never stop creating & making connections on the internet. We will never give up!

Community Manifestos

See why others are interested in reclaiming the web.

AuzzieJay's Manifesto
Liminal Librarian's Why Neocities
10kb's Why?
Indie Web Manifesto
FlamedFury's Manifesto
ajknox's Why Neocities

I found a touching 'manifesto' on a defunct website from 1999:

We aren't the only ones who feel this way...