Quiz Maker (Beta)

I am working on a quiz maker! I used the base code from Hekate's quiz maker and attempted to build a user interface for it in Javascript. Please excuse the mess while I finish cleaning things up! You can check out a demo quiz I made here.

How it works:

1. Click on "Edit" to start editing your quiz.

2. You can add as many questions as you like by clicking "Add Question", but you can't have less than three.

3. Choose how many variations you'd like (more on this below).

4. Paste the links to the images you've created for your results. For 3 variations, you must provide 3 result links per each of the 4 (A/B/C/D) answers (so 12 in total, 3 in each box).

5. Click on the "Save" button at the bottom to finalize your quiz.

6. Click on "Generate HTML" to recieve a code you can copy & paste onto a page on your website to display the quiz.

7. Once you've copied and pasted the page, don't forget to link to your quiz in the HTML file so it shows up on results!

Quiz Creator

Welcome to the Quiz Creator. Please don't leave or close this page if you are working on a quiz. Your work will be lost.

Click the Edit button to start editing your quiz. When you are finished, click 'Save' at the bottom.

This quiz currently has

Quiz Title

Quiz Description

Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

Copy the results for your page:

<textarea id="shareQuiz"></textarea>

Quiz Results

Please choose a number of variants:

Type a variant number in this box:

Variant Cheat Sheet
If your variant is '1', you need FOUR images, two in each box below.
If your variant is '2', you need EIGHT images, two in each box below.
If your variant is '3', you need TWELVE images, three in each box below.
If your variant is '4', you need SIXTEEN images, four in each box below.
If your variant is '5', you need TWENTY images, five in each box below.

Click for Variant Help Understanding Variants

The quiz maker only currently allows for four options per question (A, B, C, and D).

That means your quiz-takers "final score" will be one of the following:

  • Mostly As - this displays mostlyAs.png
  • Mostly Bs - this displays mostlyBs.png
  • Mostly Cs - this displays mostlyCs.png
  • Mostly Ds - this displays mostlyDs.png

Now here is where variants come in.

With one variant, each of the four results above would receive one unique result. But what if you want MOAR results?

You can change the variant on the quiz maker to any number up to 5.

With two variants, there are TWO possible result images per "final score".

  • Mostly As (mostlyAs-v1.png), (mostlyAs-v2.png)
  • Mostly Bs (mostlyBs-v1.png), (mostlyBs-v2.png)
  • Mostly Cs (mostlyCs-v1.png), (mostlyCs-v2.png)
  • Mostly Ds (mostlyDs-v1.png), (mostlyDs-v2.png)

If your quiz-taker answers "Mostly As" they have a chance of getting the first or the second result image. This is decided at random.

With three variants, there THREE possible results per "final score", etc.

So someone answering "Mostly As" will receive ONE of three results at random.

There are now 3 variants.

Make sure you're putting
URLs in each area! If you want less results, you can change the variant number above.

Mostly As

Mostly Bs:

Mostly Cs:

Mostly Ds:

Click on 'Generate HTML' and copy and paste this code onto your site to share your quiz!
Note: You can re-save and re-generate your results as many times as you'd like - but once you close the tab, your progress will be erased.