Quiz Maker (v2)

Welcome to the Quiz Creator v2, now with improved logic and an option for up to 9 answers per question.

Please don't leave or close this page if you are working on a quiz. Your work will be lost.

Step 1: Add Your Results

In this area, enter one keyword for each result you're plannning on adding.
These keywords won't be displayed anywhere, they are just to keep track of the results you want to add.
You can delete a keyword result by clicking on the 'x' beside it.

Copy the results for your page:

Step 2: Build Your Quiz

Click the Edit button to start editing your quiz.
Choose which result you want to associate with each option using the dropdown menus beside each option.
When you are finished editing, scroll to the top and click 'Save'.

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Step 3: Enter Your Result Images

Once you enter your URLs here, you can try 'submitting' your quiz for a preview of the result! Just don't refresh the page until you generate your code.

Step 4: Generate Your HTML