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....Oh, hey! I didn't notice you there. Welcome to my little corner of the web.

This site is my love letter to the early web (before it sold out).

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My message to everyone who views this website (this means YOU!)

You're not alone in thinking the internet got boring and same-y, and that it needs a marketing exorcism.

There are some ways you can change the way you use the web (at least until it gets its shit together).

Look how much fun I'm having dedicating space on the internet to things I care about, like a living, breathing self-portrait. You can have this much fun too (even if you're bad at coding and have no money). nvigation Previous geekring site Random geekring site Next geekring site Main geekring site

Latest Updates:

Added a list of webrings to Surf the Web.

Revamped my About, New Old Web and Manifesto pages.

Added a Projects page for my web-based projects. Added a bunch of tiled emo bgs to my graphics page. I also created a Greenhouse page for my little web garden. I've been reworking some page layouts because I realized I need to use a different background on every page... or I'll die.

Created a shrine for Lisa Frank, and AIM. Started work on an Evanescence one. Also added a page for Userboxes! Also I've found my home and my people with the Yesterweb community~ I have never been happier.

Added a BUNCH of new tiled backgrounds. Revamped my shrines page, and added some new links.

I made a Discord server for people who are also passionate about web nostalgia. Also made a little area to focus on personal projects of mine.

Added so many new links to my directory of websites. I also made a little space to help people out with making websites!

Added a page called New Old Web where I talk about how to bring the magic back to the internet :)

Worked on my WebTV shrine, this one's important to me - it's coming along!!

Added a poetry page with stuff I've written in the past. I also made a dollz page and salvaged an old dollmaker with new code! I also worked a little more on optimizing this site for mobile. 90s inspired layouts can still be accessible!

Added a page for my music taste, and an 'exhibition' of my terrible preteen fanfic.

Added a graphics page with links to some backgrounds & dividers I've collected.

Added a page about my lovely kitties, and made the site not AS bad on mobile.

Added a shrine for the Russian pop duo t.A.T.u.


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