One of the most important features of the internet today is how much information is available at our fingertips. One of my favorite resources for this is Wikipedia because it is a collaborative, community project and has so much information on just about everything.

I recommend the browser plugin Wikiwand which makes individual articles look much neater and easier to read.

My favorite method is finding one topic as a starting point and jumping to the 'see also' section when I'm done. If you prefer the opposite approach, starting broad and narrowing down, you can check out the main Wikipedia Portals. A portal is a focus page which highlights a particular subject to complement the main article on that subject.

If you prefer a more curated list of the best stuff, there are several reddit posts with tons of links to get started with.

Some might dispute the value of absorbing useless information with no purpose. To that I say, focus your search on understanding the reality of the world we live in socially, economically and politically. This kind of learning never goes to waste.

Sometimes when I find a really good article, I want to show everyone I know. This page serves as a place for me to share what I've been reading about lately.