Your Own Website

Creating a website is an avenue of self-expression, no different from painting, writing or making music. The internet today is focused on highlighting "top" content and influencers... this is where you come in and make a super awesome website, and help to rebuild the cozy small-time web where the rules are made up and the points don't matter! Who cares if you aren't making money, it's free??

I want to help ANYONE be able to make their own site. Here's a hopefully easy-to-follow guide for getting started with OR improving your (static) website.

1. Identify what KIND of website you want (the best part!!)

My website is a mix of a personal site and a uh... informational blog I guess? If getting personal on the web doesn't appeal to you, there are so many other options. You can even use a combination of ideas. I recommend picking something you're passionate about!

Theme Ideas
Page Ideas
About - about the webmaster - you!
Shrines - show off your web shrines
Blog/Diary - write your thoughts
Dream Journal - log your dreams
Art/Writing Gallery - show off your art
Link Directory - create a list of your favorite links
Graphics - show off your favorite graphics

2. Identify your current skill level in HTML and CSS (OPTIONAL).

If you've ever successfully made changes to your layout on Myspace, Spacehey, Xanga, Livejournal, etc. then you probably have some experience with HTML and CSS.

If not, and you want to learn, I recommend getting started with a basic guide, like this one or this one.

3. Use & edit pre-made layouts

If you don't know HTML and CSS, don't let that be an obstacle! I made a layout builder where you can make your own. Alternatively, find some ready-made HTML layouts here.

4. Decide where to host your static site.

As you might imagine, I recommend Neocities which is what I use to host this site. It's FREE! And for $5 a month, you can get some pretty cool extra features but honestly they're not necessary.

You can also use Github Pages and Glitch.

If you wanna skip the HTML/CSS, check out and

5. Sharing your website.

Having a website is no fun if no one knows that you have it. One of the perks of Neocities is that your site is visible to all other Neocities' members, and they have the choice of following your site to watch for updates. This is seriously awesome because it already guarantees you won't be shouting ~directly~ into the void.

What other options are there? Well, in the old days there were Web Rings, a collection of like-minded users sharing their personal website. You can find a list of currently active webrings on this page. Most of these webrings only accept handmade websites so be sure to read the rules before joining!