This page is dedicated to things I've read which have impacted my life or validated my experiences in some way.

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Inventing Reality: The Politics of Mass Media by Michael Parenti (1986)

How much of what the news media tell us is true, and how does it control our view of the world? In this passionate, controversial critique of the news media, Michael Parenti examines the subtle but profound ways in which the media influence and manipulate the public's perception of reality.
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Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paolo Freire (1968)

A combination of philosophical, political, and educational theories. Freire outlines a theory of oppression and the source of liberation. In Freire's view, the key to liberation is the awakening of critical awareness and the thinking process in the individual. This happens through a new type of education, one which creates a partnership between the teacher and the student, empowering the student to enter into a dialogue and begin the process of humanization through thought and its correlative, action.
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Revolutionary Suicide by Huey P. Newton (1973)

In October 1967, one year after the founding of the Black Panther Party, Huey Newton was involved in a shooting during which an Oakland police officer was killed. Newton spent three years in prison before being released and having his charges dismissed, and his jailing brought cries of "Free Huey" from supporters around the world. This engrossing and well-written autobiography recounts the forming of a revolutionary and shows how the degrading and psychologically destructive penal system forged Newton's already growing spirit.
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