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Glow Hey! My name's Marina-Rose and I am (obviously) a Yuugiou fan! Or, as I also like to refer to myself as ... a fangirl. I spend most of my time writing Yuugiou Fanfictions or reading them. My favourite characters are in order from most, to least-most right to the right there! ^^;; I'm pretty outgoing when it comes to talking about Yuugiou. You can be a stranger on the street that I have never spoken to, or seen, and you could be wearing a Yuugiou shirt, and I'd point to you and be like "You! You are wearing a Yuugiou shirt! You ROCK!" And just walk on as if nothing ever happened. Heh. Yeah. So if you're a Yuugiou fan and debating whether to add me or not, DO NOT THINK TWICE, FRIEND. Just add. I'm sure we can get along quite well. =] Don't forget to scroll down in this box to read everything else. =P

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Yuugiou Pairings I Like: KatsuyaxSeto, RyouxMalik, MarikxBakura, BakuraxMalik, RyouxMarik, RyouxBakura, MalikxMarik, OtogixHonda, MaixIsis, AnzuxShizuka, SetoxIsis, YamixYuugi, MahaadoxIsis, ShizukaxMokuba PegasusxSeto, and some AtemuxSeth

Why I Love Each Character

Katsuya Jounouchi - Well, to start off, I wouldn't even really consider him a favourite, but more along the lines of a true love. It goes much beyond his amazing looks. Beyond his soft blond hair and amber coloured eyes. Beyond his amazing Brooklyn accent and his green jacket. >>; It's him. It's everything about him! The way he acts, how sweet he is to his little sister, how dedicated and honest he is to his friends, everything! He's just amazing. People ask me who I like most in the show. I don't even have to think twice, and his name flashes in my mind. It's beyond fangirlism at this point, and it has reached true love. It will always stay that way too. Katsuya Jounouchi is just so amazing. If I ever were to somehow end up in the dimension of Yuugiou, I'd want to be with him in a heartbeat. I think him and I would be great friends. We could laugh and talk and sit on his couch and eat pizza for all we cared! It would just be so unique and amazing, how easy it would be to be myself around him. It's not something to find often. So, in conclusion, I am in love with Katsuya Jounouchi. And all of you other people who claim so? Fakers.

Seto Kaiba - Ahh, the amazing sex God otherwise known as Seto Kaiba. He's rich, he's powerful, and he's sexy. What more could anyone want?! I think that his character development in the series had gone perfectly. Once we all learned of his past and all that he had to live though, we could sympathize, right? Unfortunately, not everyone. Some people still say that he is a 'cold-hearted bastard' and they are entitled to their opinion. But I bet they don't know the whole story. Seto is a wonderful big brother. Sure, he's made his mistakes ... he has his flaws. Everyone does. He's human, what else can you expect?! And so maybe it's not that easy for him to admit when he's wrong. Once again, it's only a small flaw. I think he would be adorable if he were to be in a romantic relationship with Katsuya. They are like light and dark, north and south, almost complete and utter opposites. But they balance each other out, give what the other doesn't have, and just be adorable altogether. And let me just add, Seto Kaiba is the most fun to obsess and squeal over like a rampant fangirl. ^_~

Malik Ishtaaru - Malik ... is a sexy beast. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) Okay, Malik. He is definitely ... ohh, just amazing. That Egyptian tanned skin and tarnished hair and lavender coloured eyes ... but onto more improtant things, such as his personality. If you know much about his past, you'd know how he created his Yami and so and and so forth. Well, I think he's really, really noble for going through all that he went through, and even turning evil and that revenge thing ... but if you were to watch the entire thing, you'd really see. Malik's not truly a bad guy. He was just confused at one point. Everything's alright now. His character also has done some serious development, that I think is awesome. I'm also highly in love with the pairing MalikxRyou. It's perfect! I mean think about it, they've both been through the same kind of thing with their yamis, only it's harder on Malik because he actually brought his own yami into existance. I just think it's cute. And Malik is really someone to look up to. I want him to take me for a ride on his motorcycle. -cheesy smile-

Yami no Marik - Uhm. He's hawt. And good with Bakura. And sometimes Ryou. But besides that he's psychotic which is fuckin' awesome, but that's why I heart him so much. xD

Yami no Bakura - Mmm. Dirty thoughts. >> (quoting an icon. xD) Yeah, Yami Bakura is hot. I think he's much hotter than the original Akifa Bakura (who is much too muscle-y and manly for me. No, really. XD) but like, he's cool and psychotic too. And good with Malik or Ryou and most certainly Yami Marik. Yum. Bakura has a really hard past as well, so I feel for him. He's not just plain evil, he actually has a backstory. Plus, he was an ADORABLE little kid. What a cutie! (Malik too. SQUEE!) Hehe.

Ryou Bakura - Squee! What our favourite little British creampuff, eh? I recently got more into the depths of this character when I discovered Angstshipping (RyouxMalik) and I feel so bad for what Bakura has to go through! Constant holes in his memory, wounds that he didn't even get himself, and other people labeling him of a theif because of his yami. He really has it rough. Which is why it's always important to have somebody to fall back on, who is in his case Malik. >>;; And besides, Ryou is SO FUCKING ADORABLE. And let me just repeat that ... GIVING RYOU A BUZZ CUT IS LIKE KILLING TWELVE INNOCENT KITTENS. -kicks his gym teacher- (Sorry. >>;; It's from a fanfiction. A VERY WELL WRITTEN FANFICTION BY THE WAY. =D) Hehe. Sorry for that rant. But yes. -snuggles in his hair- So sawwwwft.

Isis Ishtaaru - I could go on forever about Isis. Everything she went though, seeing all of those visions, having every responsibility, it's just ... amazing that she stood through it all. I've always wanted to be like Isis. She is such a powerful character in the series. They really should have had her in more episodes than they did. I really don't believe that they've given her character enough credit for all that she's really worth. She's so beautiful and emotionally and mentally strong. She definitely is my role model. x3

Ryuuji Otogi - Otogi is amazing. Soft ebony hair ... catlike green jade eyes ... a voice to die for ... it's all so perfect, it's all so ... Otogi. Okay, so maybe he was a little mean in the whole dog-suit thing to Jou, but what can I say? I'm a very forgiving person. Sure, Otogi can lighten up at times, but he's generally a helpful character, not to mention undeniably sexy. And he totally loves Honda. It's just ... undeniable. I mean seriously! They even slept together in the series! XD Ahh, I loved that part. -fangirl squee- But yes. Otogi is very smexy indeed. And I bet he smells like apples. The really crisp green kind. Don't ask where that came from. >_>;;;

Anzu Mazaki - So some people may not like her, whether out of jealousy that she likes Yami, or out of annoyance from her friendship speeches, but I really like her. She has beautiful sapphire eyes and chin-length brunette hair. And you know what? I like her friendship speeches. I'd love to have a friend like Anzu. The kind that's always there for you, and cheers you on when you need it. That's the kind of friends there should be. You all should take a lesson from Miss Mazaki! Not to mention she is extremely kawaii in a pairing with Shizuka. Yeah, I like yuri. Got a problem with it? Didn't think so. Anzu is awesome. She just ... is!

Shizuka Kawai - Aww! Cute little kawaii Shizuka! She's so innocent and pure and I just love everything about her--especially in a pairing with Anzu. She's so pretty and she's had to endure so much. Her eye operation and all, and of course dealing with Honda and Otogi swooning over her all of the time. (I don't blame them. xD) She's just great, an awesome character. I don't think her dub voice is annoying at all! It's cute. So hmph!!!

Mokuba Kaiba - Eee! Mokie is also kawaii! He's good in a pairing with Shizuka. I can understand how hurt and betrayed Mokuba was and (still is?) about Noa and his step father. I feel really bad for him. =/ It's awesome that he's so spunky and out there, after all that. Especially after being kidnapped by Pegasus, and almost being trapped in a card forever. It's a miracle that kids like him have such awesome (and sexy. >>) big brothers!

Hiroto Honda - Ah! Honda! If he were to walk past me right now, I'd run up to him and glomp him! He is such a big part of the show, (and even most important parts with him in it, got cut out of the english version) and he does not get an OUNCE of the credit that he deserves for it! (Not unless he's paired with Otogi that is. xD) He is such a great friend and everything. I wish I had a Honda in my life. T_T Not to mention, Honda has the sexiest jackets. Hehe. SO HONDA, IF YOU CAN HEAR ME, LET ME JUST SAY THAT YOU ROCKK. And don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Hmph. =D

Mai Kujaku - o.o;; Don't even get me started on her past. It's been so tragic and angsty, though she went through a few tough times, was possed, and hit on by a not-so-bad looking Australian guy, she came out just fine! And let me just say, I am kinda not all for the JouxMai pairing, because ... let's face it, I can't see either Jou or Mai being straight. But that's just my opinion. Mai and Isis belong together because their pasts are so alike. They can truly understand each other. And yeah, so I'm an ex-Mai-hater. I like her now! I think she's awesome! And the guys who watch Yuugiou only care about her cleavage. ><+;;;

Amelda (also known as Alister) - So maybe I don't remember much about his past ... all I remember is, his little brother died, and he dueled Seto. It wasn't Seto's fault that his brother was killed, it was Gozaburos (I think?) I don't know much about him, but I know he had a pretty angsty past. One thing I am sure about though, is ... HE WEARS A BELLY SHIRTTT. And has a very nice stomach!!! -fangirl sigh- ^_~

Still not convinced I LOVE Yuugiou? Watch this for proof.

More About Me

Okay wow. So you've seen my rants, know of my utter obsession, and still want to know about me? 8D I feel cool. So yeah, despite my profile which is indeed gushing with Yuugiou (in case you haven't already noticed) I do (somehow) have more to my life than Yuugiou. Hehe. Hmm, but it's not very interesting. Let's see ... I write a lot. I write everything from poems to novels, screen plays, and even like fanfictions. (Well duh, I LIVE for fanfictions.) I also have this strange fascination with photography. I just love taking it and looking at it, and it's just soooo artistic!! Hmm, what else ... well I can't really play any instruments ... unless playing one of the versions of the tetris theme on my piano counts. (woo.) When I'm bored sometimes I whip out my Will & Grace DVD collection (I have an obsession with gay men. They're just ... awesome.) or maybe my Friends DVD collection (I am so in love with every guy from friends even though I'm a lesbian.) And yes, I am a lesbian for the simple fact that guys just can't give ya what girls can. ^_~ My only acception is gay guys & fictional guys. Yeah, I'm screwed up, a total nerd, and will probably be tormented in high school, but it sure beats being some ghetto wannabe prep slut. xP Oh, and another weird thing about me? I'd rather die than become famous. -_- Fame sucks. And I tend to be a bit sour towards rich people. Only 'cause they tend to be stuck up. But if you're like rich, and don't BRAG every two seconds (i can name at least three people in my life who do) then all will be cool. 'Cause I'm totally like dirt poor. -.- So yeah, that's about me. Oh, and by the way, I'm a trench coat ninja agent spy. 8D

About My Yami: Samira

Her past

Samira was born in Cairo Egypt, roughly 5,000 years ago. She was not an icon of royalty or anything of that sort. She was just ... Samira. She became close friends with young Priest Set, (click name for a picture) and by the age of fifteen had developed somewhat of a romantic relationship with him. However, one day her family could no longer stay in Cairo. Financial issues, you could call it, got in the way. They went into poverty, and had to move far away, secluded from other towns, for five whole years, until Samira was 20 years old.
In the time that she was gone, she had to pick up ... a hobby, you could say. Due to the problems that her family was in, she had to become an ... Egyptian dancer. She danced for what started to be regular people in a bar, and even occasionally danced for people of a higher royalty. It didn't support her family much, but it was the very most that she could do, what with her mother sick and her father in no condition to work. When she was 20, she moved back to Cairo, but looked completely different. She had long, wavy, dark purple (almost black) hair that went down to her waist, a fit and voluptuous figure, and long slender legs. Nobody who knew her in her time of childhood could recognize her--and she liked it that way.
You see, dancing wasn't all that easy. She danced for many men and many women, until one day when she was brutally raped. It was the reason why her family had moved back into Cairo. They couldn't stand to put their daughter at such a risk again! So Samira had to continue her dancing in Cairo, but she had to stay with the bars, the lower half of society. She saw, the now older, matured, and handsome High Priest Set, but he did not recognize her--at least she hoped that he didn't. She was ashamed of all she turned out to be, and the last thing that she wanted was for him to know all that she had become. She hid whenever she saw him about, which wasn't too often, since he was mostly in the temple with Pharaoh Atemu.
Though one day as Samira danced in a bar, she came across a lovely woman with long, dark raven-coloured hair and navy-blue eyes, the colour of the dark night sky. She wasn't a regular at the place, Samira knew that much, but nonetheless, she felt so enchanted by this lovely woman. Though Samira asked of her name, this woman would not tell. Samira referred to her as Lady of Beauty instead. During a brief intermission in which the dancers would come off stage for a drink or to relax, this Lady of Beauty came up to Samira and began to socialize with her. She told Samira that she saw so much potential in her, and asked why she danced, instead of doing something greater. Samira told her the entire story. Something within Samira felt that she could trust this woman ... and she did.
Samira grew quite close to the Lady of Beauty and soon looked forward to meeting up with her, just to talk. One day though, she realized that this woman knew everything about her, but failed to even give Samira her name in return. When she questioned this to the woman, the woman suddenly said that she had to leave, and left the place in a hurry. She stopped visiting Samira. It wasn't too long before Samira found out ... this woman ... this Lady of Beauty ... this mysterious person whom Samira had fallen in love with ... was really the Priestess Aishizu. Of course she didn't recognize the resemblence, because she dressed so different ... maybe she was undercover, Samira thought. But no, no something about this woman was so sincere. And since this Priestess had the power to see what was to come ... maybe, Samira thought, she did have some potential ... some purpose.
Samira wanted to see her again, but knew there was no way that she would be left in the temple. She wanted to know why Aishizu had come and spoken to her those many times. She had so many questions. One night, she managed to sneak past the guards into the temple and wake Aishizu from her slumber. From there, they began seeing each other in private, developing their relationship a little bit further each time. That is, until they were caught. The pentalty for Samira was ... unbearable. Aishizu had to do what she could, so she talked them into sealing Samira's soul away in an amulet for years, instead of killing the girl ... and they did so. Hence, my yami, Samira, who possesses my Sennen Amulet.

Her present

She lives within my Sennen Amulet and only comes out at certain times. Her mood is most of the time confident, flirty, seductive, but often she has her depressed breakdowns, that she cannot help. Every once and a while Priestess Aishizu crosses her mind, and once again she relives her past through her mind. Nowadays, though, she comes out whenever I am wearing the Amulet and feeling one of the following emotions very strongly: Lust, Anger, Sadness and on rare occasions, love. She now spends her days as also my muse. She inspires me for many of my fanfictions, though mostly my darker ones. Yami does, after all, mean Darkness. She inspires me usually for stories that include blood, rape, death, abuse, addictions, and sometimes vampires. Sometimes for my less darker stories, but only when she is in a really good mood. She can get very lazy though. I blame her for the reason why some of my writing never gets written.
Usually whenever I do something really stupid out of anger or depression, it's really her. I can't very well explain that to people, because they would think of me as insane! They don't understand yamis. Not many people do, though I do know a fair share of people who have yamis as well. Basically, her present is spent teasing me, inspiring me, making fun of me, or just thinking about her past. As much as I don't agree with my yami sometimes (and as much as I find it hard to believe that she was once innocent and pure) I'm still glad to have her. She gives wise advice sometimes. =)

The Sennen Amulet
Actual Photo:

.::More Will Be Added Soon!::.

My favourite Yuugiou characters