Worst Keyboard Ever?

pardon the dust

I know what you're thinking. Wireless peripherals didn't become widespread until more recently. A wireless keyboard in 1996!

Take a closer look at the photo, see the little hump at the top? That's an infrared sensor, like the ones on remotes. If that sensor wasn't pointed directly the one on the WebTV 'box', it wouldn't recognize the input. It was very normal to experience frequent typos with missing letters, or if you were especially meticulous about typing a grammatically correct sentiment, you'd need to take it veeeery slow. Input delay was terrible and it struggled to keep up even with medium-speed typists

This keyboard is in part responsible for my very first online username: tabltop. Yeah I was 7, but I knew how to spell - gotta credit good ol' infrared technology for the typo. It was the perfect neutral username to obscure the fact I was in elementary school.
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