This is where I document the internet-related projects I've completed or am working on.

The Yesterweb

The Yesterweb is a Discord server community created on 2/20/21. A discord server is a chat room with multiple topical channels to chat in. The Yesterweb is primarily an 18+ Discord community of old web and nostalgia lovers. The focus is on serious discussion about nostalgia and love for how the web used to be - shitposting is strictly prohibited.

The Yesterweb Ring

The Yesterweb Ring is a webring for handmade websites. Its inception began with the Yesterweb Discord server, but it can be joined by anyone (within reason; toxicity and negativity has no place here). To join, simply visit the Ring's webpage for instructions. As an extra challenge, I also created a way to 'surf' the webring page by page, or view sites at random - I'm kinda proud of this, and I made it myself (as opposed to the webring code which I 'repurposed' haha).


Yestersearch isn't much of a 'project' since it took me about all of two seconds to slap together, but I still think it's kind of a neat idea. It's basically a search engine that exclusively searches Tripod, Angelfire and (some) Geocities sites. I'm limited by icky Google to only 10 pages of results per query, but it can come in handy for less general queries.