Hello! My name is Sadness, and I was born & raised on the internet.

The internet that I grew up with was very different than the internet today.

And it’s getting worse.

Until January of 2021, the only website I would frequent regularly is Reddit. REDDIT.

It wasn’t good for me. It left me feeling empty, unfulfilled and isolated.

Despite this, I remembered the way the internet used to feel: limitless, mysterious, welcoming.

We’ve been trapped, like mice, so we scurry back and forth between the same three platforms - looking for the spark the web used to have.

I've made it my mission to do what I can to show others that so much more exists outside of what we are 'encouraged' to create and consume.

Along the way I made some friends who feel as
passionately as I do.

Join us to make the internet a better place!

If you have a question you'd like answered, send me an email!