Link Directory

A collection of useful and interesting links & resources.
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Last updated: 17 September 2021


  • DownThemAll
    Extension to allow you to download all of the images on a page
  • TumblThree
    Download entire archives of Tumblr blogs
  • AI

  • AI Dungeon
    An AI-generated interactive text adventure
  • Inferkit
    See how a modern neural network completes your text
  • Bored Humans
    A list of AI-generated tools.
  • Visual Art

  • AutoDraw
    A drawing tool with the option to correct your shapes into clip-art
  • Inspirograph
    Create spirograph art in your browser
  • JS Paint
    Microsoft Paint in your browser - with Javascript
  • NoPaint
    If you like what you see, click on "Paint", or else click "No"
  • Cheap Freedom
    An online visual art museum open to anyone.
  • KidPix
    Relive your childhood with a browser-based KidPix app.
  • Education

  • Emotional Labor
    A comprehensive archive of a Metafilter thread about emotional labor
  • Mental Models
    A list of mental models for making intelligent decisions
  • Untools
    Tools for decision making and problem solving
  • masterWiki
    Stolen from MasterClass, republished as wikiHow
  • Fun

    A browser-based Beatmania-like rhythm game
  • Sigil Generator
    A sigil generator
  • Tarot-o-Bot
    A bot that reads your tarot cards
  • WebGBCam
    A browser tool to make your webcam look like a Gameboy Camera
    A reimagining of golf using words
  • Graphics

  • ACA 80x15 Web Badge Maker
    A web badge maker
  • Backgrounds Archive
    An archive of old tiled backgrounds
  • Blinkie
    Create your own blinkies
  • BoodleBox
    Fake ads to use on your page
  • The Corporation
    More fake ads to use on your page
  • EZ Gif
    Create & edit gifs
  • FlamingText
    Generate word art
  • Kawaii Sozai Graphics
    A huge directory of pixel art websites
  • Make Word Art
    Generate Microsoft Office-esque word art
  • GIFy Pet
    Create a cute pet for your webpage
  • Internet Bumper Stickers
    A collection of internet bumper stickers
  • PhotoMosh
    Add glitchy and retro effects to photos and gifs
    Upload an image and this tool will remove the background
  • Repeater
    Make your own tiled backgrounds
  • Sadgrl's 88x31 Button Maker
    88x31 button maker in your browser
  • SubtlePatterns
    Free background patterns
  • SVG Composite Patterns
    A collection of SVG composite patterns.
  • Web Badges World
    A huge collection of web badges to display on your site

  • CSS Beautify
    CSS formatter
  • CodePen
    A live editor that shows you HTML/CSS changes as you make them in real time
  • Construct Your CSS
    Visually create your layout and generate the code
  • Patterns
    CSS pre-made layout patterns.
  • Lilac Lynx's Responsive Web Guide
    Guide to make your site responsive
  • HTML Cheatsheet
    A handy reference sheet when using HTML
  • HTML Generator
    Generate the markup for lists, tables, links, images and more
  • WebGuide
    A good beginner's guide to HTML & CSS
  • Word to HTML
    Paste in formatted text and generate it into HTML
  • Layouts

  • Patterns
    CSS pre-made layout patterns.
  • EggRamen
    More free layouts
  • LovelyD
    Premade 00s anime layouts
  • Celestial Star
    More 00s premade anime layouts
  • Sadgrl's Layout Builder
    Build a custom layout, no coding required
  • Templaterr
    Premade layouts and useful site codes
  • TooPlate
    Modern-looking premade layouts
  • Mental Health

  • Self-Care as Radical Liberation
    A guide for better self-care
  • Emotional Codes
    Tools for processing emotions
  • Feelu Mood Wheel
    An interactive mood wheel, to help identify how you're feeling
  • Here//&Now
    An intimate, webspace for digital mediation through prompted daily reflections
  • Gentle Earth
    Vent anonymously
  • ASMRion
    ASMR Generator with various sound effects
  • A Soft Murmur
    Ambient sounds to wash away distraction
  • Purrli
    Listen to HD cat purrs as background noise
  • RainbowHunt
    Listen to calming rain sounds with adjustable sliders
    Tune into forests around the world (imagery and sound effects)
  • Vibe Ocean
    Ocean noise and ambient sounds generator

  • myNoise
    A comprehensive background noise generator

  • Website Add-Ons

  • Blog-Switch
    Cute falling object codes for your site
    A free chatbox for your site
  • FreeGB
    A free guestbook for your site
  • GifyPet
    A pet for your website
  • GoatCounter
    Free analytics tool that doesn't track personal data
  • PorkBun
    Cheap domains
  • WebsiteOut
    Free counter for your site