Helpful or interesting websites I've collected over the years.

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last updated: 3/19/21

>> Entertainment & Fun <<
The Final Fantasy House This one's a rabbit hole but well-worth it.
MikuTap A cute music 'game' in your browser where you can click/press keys to make different sounds.
MillionShort Skip the first [####] of most popular search results to skip the clickbait and popular sites.
Minecraft (in your browser!) Perfect for when you're bored at work!
my90sTV Watch 90s commercials/shows/movies/trailers!
noclip Explore old video game levels in your browser
Perchance Create your own random text generators.
Put it on a Pedestal Arrange your own museum of vintage gifs.
Recommend Me a Book Read the first page of a random book with no title/author info displayed, so you can judge by the writing.
Routlookit Discretely read Reddit at work with this inconspicuous Outlook overlay.
Spacehey A Myspace 1.0 lookalike social network by an 18 y/o student from Germany, it's poppin!
StumblingOn Find cool lesser-known websites at random.
Toonami Aftermath Watch old cartoons from Toonami 24/7!
Wikiwand A wikipedia reader that cleans up the formatting and makes the articles look really nice.

>> Hoarding (Data) <<
DownThemAll A browser extension for most major browsers which lets you download all of the images on a page.
TumblThree Use this program to download entire archives of Tumblr blogs.

>> Machine Learning & AI Play <<
AI Dungeon A fun AI-generated interactive text adventure that you play in your browser (or on your phone). Here are some tips for playing nice with the AI.
Chimera Painter Roughly mark the body parts of your creature with the available 'brushes'. Then click 'transform' and watch it generate a creature!
Petalica Paint Upload a sketch and have an AI color it in.
Semantris Word association games powered by machine learning.
Talk to Transformer See how a modern neural network completes your text. I love playing with this by copying stuff I've written and seeing what it comes up with.
Write With Transformer A modern neural network that completes your thoughts.
AI Generated Stuff
AI Artwork
AI People
AI Cats
AI Dreams
AI Words
AI Posts (NSFW?)
AI Stack Overflow
AI Resumes
Just a dump of all the randomly generated [X] sites out there.

>> Making Art (No Skills Required) <<
This category is focused on resources that allow you to create something original.

AutoDraw A drawing tool with the option to correct your shapes into clip-art.
Draw like Jackson Pollock Exactly what it says! You can't choose colors though :(
Inspirograph Create spirograph art in your browser.
JSPaint Microsoft Paint in your browser - with Javascript!
No Paint If you like what you see, click on "Paint", or else click "No". No skills required!
Orb.Farm A virtual ecosystem where different species of creature can live, grow and die as part of a self-contained food chain.
sandspiel A falling sand game that provides a relaxing and creative place to play with elements like sand, water, plant, and fire.
Silk Interactive generative art.
SuperFormula Interactive 3D art with sliders.
ZzArt A generative art evolution tool

>> Mental Health & Venting <<
Avoid News This is a PDF, rather than a website, but it's worth a read for anyone who's depressed by the news.
Emotional Codes A collection of tools for processing emotions and having interpersonal interactions.
feeels An interactive mood wheel, to help identify how you're feeling.
Gentle Earth A quiet place for loud thoughts; vent your frustrations anonymously here.
Ventscape Express yourself into the void anonymously, in realtime with others.

>> Relaxation <<
ASMRion ASMR Generator with various sound effects.
A Soft Murmur Ambient sounds to wash away distraction.
Purrli Listen to HD cat purrs as background noise.
RainbowHunt Listen to calming rain sounds with adjustable sliders. Tune into forests around the world (imagery and sound effects)

>> Website Resources <<
~ Graphics ~
ACAB Colors an extensive list of all hex colors containing "ACAB" or "1312", so your designs can hate cops as much as u do
Blinkies!! This site has SO many blinkies.
Boodle Box 90s-esque "fake" banners and ads
The Corporation More fun fake ads, be sure to link back to their page!
EZGif Useful .gif editing tools! "Optimize" can remove backgrounds to make gifs transparent.
FlamingText Possibly the best word art generator.
GifyPet Generate a cute pet for your webpage!
GigaGlitters A good resource for glitter text.
Make WordArt Standard Microsoft Office style.
Photomosh Add glitchy and retro effects to photos and gifs.
Pookatoo Generate fancy custom fonts.
RedKid Generators Generate a custom text on a ton of various images.
RemoveBG Upload an image and this tool will remove the background.
Repeater A tool where you can upload an image and crop it. It displays the tiled result as you crop, so you can easily spot where to adjust the crop dimensions.
Subtle Patterns Free background patterns.
Waifu2X Size up manga and anime photos.
Web Badges World A huge collection of web badges to display on your site.
Web Button Maker Create your own web button with minimal effort!
~ HTML/CSS Help ~
Code Beautifiers
CSS Beautify
HTML Formatter
Paste your code in here and it will make it look nicely spaced.
Codepen A live editor that shows you HTML/CSS changes as you make them in real time.
Construct Your CSS If you can't be bothered with learning CSS, you can visually create your layout here and then generate the code.
How to make your site look good on mobile a great guide by Lilac Lynx!
HTML Cheatsheet
A handy reference sheet when using HTML
HTML Generators
Generate the markup for lists, tables, links, images and more!
Neocities' HTML Tutorial A good guide for HTML if you are a beginner.
Paul's Beginner Guide to HTML/CSS Another good beginner guide for HTML - this time with CSS.
Word to HTML Paste in some writing with formatting (spacing, bold, italic, etc.) and then generate it into formatted HTML!
~ Premade Layouts ~
200Xs Site Layouts
Adam McQuaid
Free layouts that look like they came from 2004.
Templaterr A great resource for html/css templates for your static site.
Test Directory Some free layouts to use if you like!
Tooplate Some modern-looking layouts.
~ Quizzes ~
Aspie Tests This site hosts a collection of tests related to autism and Asperger's syndrome.
Blogthings Lots of personality quizzes! - no option to embed them on your site, though.
Dante's Inferno Test Figure out which circle of hell you belong in :)
Geek Test A classic quiz to find out how geeky you are.
Humor Sensitivity Questionnaire What is your style of hymor?
IDR Labs A variety of personality & psychology tests!
Open Psychometrics A variety of personality tests!
Political Spectrum Tests A big list of political spectrum tests.
The Otaku A collection of user-made anime personality quizzes.
Spacefem Quizzes Spacefem Quizzes
Your HTML Color
What color is your rainbow?
What phase of the moon were you born in?
For some reason, these aren't listed on their /quizzes page, but I decided to link them bc they're cool.
UQuiz Kind of like a modern Quizilla, but with more conceptual aesthetics.

>> Writing & Creativity <<
Dungeons & Dragons Character Generator A cool character generator that takes from the DnD 5e handbook.
Infinite Artwork Generator A tongue-in-cheek artwork description generator.
Lose the Very A tool that helps you avoid using the word 'very' to describe something.
Various Generators The generator to end all generators! Seriously, this one is super detailed.